Smash Cancer is still fighting!

For months, Badminton Ireland has been running Smash Cancer Campaing to support research of cancer in our Irish laboratories. Each single involvement matters.Our club fundraising initiatives had to stop but our raffle tickets are online and available to you from your own home.
Our raffle offers fantastic prizes, for instance a box of shuttles (50 doz) or training session with our Badminton National coach where you can learn new badminton tricks and get a better player. Meanwhile you get in a a draw for those prizes you are supporting two Irish charities

Irish Cancer Society
National Breast Cancer Research Institute

for just €5.

So my question is; what are you waiting for? Do not wait another second!
Get your tickets at and get the badminton experience with us!
Our draw will take place on the 7th of September 2020.
Watch our amazing promo video!